Darwin Watts of SEAS Urges Support for WQRF in Video

Dar, a member of the Water Quality Research Foundation’s “Investing in Your Future” Campaign’s steering community, asks those who “believe in something better” to participate.

Darwin Watts, president of SEAS Capital Partners, is honored to serve on the National Steering Committee of the Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) “Invest in Your Future” Campaign – and he is excited to appear in the excellent new video promoting this critical fundraising effort. Watch for Dar’s comments on the campaign here:

WQRF serves on the behalf of the Water Quality Association (WQA) to conduct research on matters of vital importance to the water quality improvement industry. The “Investing in Your Future” Campaign, initiated in April 2014, seeks to raise $2,500,000 over five years to help take WQRF research to the next level of value in water treatment.

In the video, Dar notes that all in the industry – not just the largest organizations – drive innovation. And he invites all to contribute to the fundraising campaign. He says:
“Many people think that when we’re creating new science, it’s fancy, it’s higher level, it’s big company, it’s large corporation. In our industry, science is created by people who believe in something better. Science is advanced, literally, from the dealer level, from the application level.”

Dar encourages industry leaders and professionals to “ask questions, get involved, be part of the future.” Want to donate now? Your contribution will be an investment in the water quality improvement industry’s future – and it will help improve the quality of life for all.